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Why us

At any time experienced top-managers and business owners highly appreciated qualified employees. However, today, when the competition between players of different markets becomes extremely sharp, and the field of competition continuously restricts, the staff competition comes to the fore. The consultants of ERC comprehend this situation in full, and they have the possibility to hire the best Ukrainian and CIS’s specialists in medical and IT branches, as well as engineers and mathematicians for German employers.

Highly qualified and gifted employees are able to give an additional impulse to the development of business and advance it to a new level. ERC’s consultants aim at seeking for such specialists at the Ukrainian labour market. 

Due to a traditionally high quality system of education in Ukraine (it ranks 31st in the world according to the Legatum Institute rating in 2013:, the country supplies really qualified graduates from engineering and medical higher education institutions who acquire professional experience at the enterprises of the CIS and Europe. However, many of them wish to make their carrier in Germany, a country with great possibilities for personal and professional development. That’s why Ukrainian and CIS specialists have both high level of professional knowledge, skills and needed motivation.

ERC adhere to an opinion that the search for a highly qualified applicant in Ukraine is not the most complicated problem for them, it is more important to select an employee who perfectly suits a particular vacancy at a particular employing company. With this purpose we conduct a series of interviews with an applicant and reveal his/her real level of knowledge and skills, communication abilities, psychological and social sets and values.   

ERC’s consultants are sure that it is possible to find in Ukraine the employees who fully suit the requirements of the most demanding German employers, acknowledge and follow their principles, values and strategic targets. We see the sense of our mission in satisfying the needs of your business in the employees who are capable to give extra impulse to your business.   

Having extensive database of qualified applicants and accumulated strategies of searching for the specialists, as well as partners with more than 20-year experience of work in the recruiting field, we save your time and resources, needed for searching for employees. We focus on your business growth and development, which is possible due to the best staff that will be specially employed for you by ERC.