Christoph Rohner

Christoph Rohner is a successful top-manager and consultant, he has a perfect knowledge of applicant’s psychology and motivation. His more than 20-year experience of working in international mass media, both in Germany and Ukraine ("G+J", "Berliner Kurier", "WAZ-Group", "Free Media Ukraine"), contributes into acquisition of the skills that are important for recruiting business. Work with people is Christoph’s real vocation, and he is really an excellent expert in this sphere.

While implementing and monitoring various media projects in Germany and Ukraine, Christoph became well connected in business circles and among the specialists in different fields of labour market. By this reason ERC in its recruiting business may rely on support of authoritative partners and highly qualified staff. 

Christoph is a qualified economist and specialist in human resources management. The most important feature of his work at ERC is the equal understanding of German and Ukrainian realities of the labour market, as he worked in Ukraine during a long period time. Christoph understands the responsibility of ERC’s mission to find Ukrainian specialists for a German company who acknowledge and follow its values and principles.

Maxim Nazukin

Maxim Nazukin has a unique experience of intensive administration in various spheres, which is inestimable for any consultant of a recruiting company. At different times Maxim’s sphere of professional interests included scientific, media, construction and investment branches, and he always acted as a skillful team leader, effectively found solutions for complex tasks. 

The work in a large Ukrainian-German mass-media company at a leading position revealed Maxim’s administration skills, as well as his communication skills and ability to promptly response to the challenges which appear in everyday operating activity of a large enterprise. His successful work at various senior management positions contributed to his capacity of strategic thinking and analysis. 

However, one of his most important skills at any administration position is the ability to select a team of effective and highly qualified employees capable to solve any task. It is this skill that is of the high importance for his work in the ERC, which selects specialists for large German enterprises, because Maxim is unparalleled in realizing the idea that highly qualified specialists form the most important competitive advantage for commercial companies under actual conditions of doing business.