Who we are

About ERC

Using extensive experience and well thought-out recruiting strategy European Recruitment Company provides German employers with optimal decisions concerning the employment of highly qualified employees from Ukraine. Our methods of recruiting professional employees aim at finding those candidates who acknowledge and follow the values and principles of their future employers. On the other hand, ERC consultants effectively promote the employment of highly qualified Ukrainian and CIS engineers, health professionals and programmers in the largest companies of Germany. 

Today a paradoxical situation takes place at the German labour market: large companies representing different branches of economy experience a shortage of highly qualified professionals. To solve this problem the German government introduced so called Blue Card, or the most conventional visa regime for specialists, which allows Ukrainian skilled staff to freely obtain employment in Germany.

To assist Ukrainian citizens in seeking for employment in Germany ERC, German recruitment company, opened the Ukrainian representative office in Kiev. Thus, ERC pursues two purposes at once: to find qualified physicians, engineers and IT specialists in Ukraine for large clients from Germany, as well as to give employment to the domestic specialists in this European country.

ERC’s consultants will help the applicants to draw up the Blue Card in the shortest possible time and find a specific employer, as well as give them advices with respect to any peculiarities of life, rent and acquisition of lodging in Germany, and other everyday problems. 

Experts and partners of ERC have considerable experience in recruiting business, possess unique knowledge of the German labour market and have wide business-contacts with principal German employers. ERC seeks for the specialists for German industrial holdings well known in the world, as well as for the leading companies in various branches of German economy. 

ERC business is based on the understanding that today the “staff competition” is the sole significant field of competition for many enterprises at the European market. In other words, enterprises may win the competition in the conditions of equally high technology support and use of raw materials of high quality, if they attract more qualified and experienced specialists compared with their competitors. ERC’s mission consists in looking for such specialists in Ukraine and CIS and their prompt placing at the leading enterprises in Germany, which desire to become market leaders.

The specialists of the company are sure that their work is one of the best in the world, because they help both an employer to find employees capable to lead the enterprise to top success, and an applicant in finding the job of his dream, providing him with optimal conditions for personal development and realization of his vocational skills.