There are many reasons why you can feel at home in Germany: It is recognised as one of the most peaceful countries in the world. Germany has largely been untouched by serious natural disasters. And our political system is stable. It’s no wonder that surveys show that people who move to Germany tend to be happy here. You can read more about it in this section.


One of the most peaceful countries

Germany is one of the most peaceful countries in the world, according to the 2011 Global Peace Index. In this study, conducted by international peace experts, Germany ranked 15th among 153 countries, higher than such countries as the France, Italy or the Netherlands. Germany receives top marks for political stability and respect for human and civil rights. Germany’s people, too, think highly of their home country: 90 percent are very or quite happy here. These were the findings of the “Integration Barometer”, a survey of German citizens conducted in 2010. The survey also showed that people with foreign roots have a particularly favorable view of Germany. Of that group, 95 percent report that they are happy in Germany.

Emergency telephone numbers

There are good reasons why people in Germany feel so safe and secure. A number of institutions are in place to protect our society against criminality, terrorism and other threats. But if you should need help, you can reach the most important emergency services under the following telephone numbers:

  • Police: Emergency number 110
  • Fire department: Emergency number 112
  • Emergency rescue service/Ambulance: Emergency number 112

Political and legal order

Since its founding, the Federal Republic of Germany has been a very politically stable country. The government is divided into the legislative, executive and judicial branches. The purpose of this structure is to prevent a concentration or abuse of political power. Moreover, it guarantees a high degree of legal certainty. In other words, you can rely on Germany’s laws and respect for the law, and on its administrative structures and judicial system.