Procedure of finding a new job in Germany

After submission of all required documents to the Ukrainian office of ERC, and documents review by our consultants, applicant is able to undergo a series of interviews, which eventually will result in successful employment in the German company. Interviews help to identify if applicant is matching to the German employer based on two main criteria: whether he has the personal qualities and professional skills necessary for employment. 

Personnel Qualities

ERC will check weather the candidate is ready to start a new life in a new country. German companies are preferring employees, who can provide the so-called “German virtues”, which are:





Candidates have to be aware, that the hiring company is facing several risks, if it hires a foreigner. There is an integration needed in a new social and professional environment. Company has to invest into a lot of soft skills, like language, to make the employment successful. German companies are ready for this investment, but they are expecting a complete and long lasting commitment to their company and country.

In addition to "German virtues", potential employees need to know how to work in a team, as it is the main method of working in German companies. Obviously, applicants must confirm their willingness to "team work" and realization of the idea that the success of the project – is a success of the whole team. A key role in this, of course, plays high communication skills.

Professional skills

Even with significant demand for graduates of technical faculties there are still applied high standards of evaluation methods of their professional abilities.

Along with the native language (Russian or Ukrainian), applicants should have sufficient knowledge of the English language (if they do not know German). This knowledge will not only help the applicant to communicate with colleagues in the new job, it will also show to the company's management that this person has certain abilities that will help him quickly master the German language.

In addition, ERC will review applicants diplomas, they will not only look on their overall level of training as specialists, but the thoroughness and integrity of the learning process. Candidates should be willing to explain poor performance, if it is present.

Possible reasons are:

  • the need to work to fund education;
  • health or family problems;
  • change of the university;
  • change of faculty;
  • etc..

If the applicant has beside the diploma already job experience, it should be documented with recommendation letters of the former employer. If the applicant has already job experience in several companies and worked in them for a short time, it might be important to explain, why he was switching from one job or company to the other. German employer prefer as above explained, applicants, who can proof already in theirs CV perseverance and loyalty.

Selection of new German employer and preparation of interview

After passing successfully the pre-selection procedure in Kiev, applicants profile will be sent to German ERC office in Hamburg. German office will organize the interview and all needed formal conditions like the visa and so on.

As soon as all this is organized and interview meeting takes place an experienced partner of ERC – Germany will take care for the applicant. Day before the interview each applicant will get a briefing, how to behave and what to say in interview.  ERC partner if necessary will also participate at the interview and will as far as possible guide it.

Normally after this first interview the potential new employer will decide about the new contract. All formal aspects of this contract like salary, position and duration are known before the interview.