Work Contract


Work contract

A labour contract is a very important document, and in Germany they perceive it with adequate severity and seriousness. 

Only the simplest job may be performed in Germany on the basis of an oral agreement. A serious employer will always send you a written agreement. Prior to signing it you must thoroughly learn the document. Should any questions arise, ERC’s German lawyer is always ready to help you. 

Special attention shall be drawn to the responsibilities of the parties. Generally, the relevant provisions are specified in the labour contract: 

  • conditions of employment
  • legal standards and regulations
  • commitments
  • rights

Further, the employees and employers must rigorously hold to the terms of the contract up to its termination (for example, till its expiration) or any change in its terms and conditions (generally, under the agreement between an employee and employer). 

A labour contract consists of: 

  • a contract made in written, or another similar document, such as a written application for employment
  • an oral consent
  • respective employer’s letter
  • collective labour agreements (contract agreements between employers and trade unions or personnel associations)
  • implied terms and conditions (they automatically become a part of a contract even if they are not specified in it, normally it is referred to general labour regulations)

The labour contract specifies the important aspects of employment process, labour conditions and salary. That is why ERC specialists will give you free-of-charge advises with respect to all terms and conditions of the labour contract.