First steps

Simple steps for getting a job

ERC is interested in fast execution of all needed formalities by Ukrainian specialists for their employment in Germany

The reason is clear enough and is stipulated by the necessity to promptly “cover” the vacancy of a client who is usually a large German company. ERC’s services are absolutely free for the applicants. 

Nevertheless, at the initial stages an applicant has to go through a series of procedures, so that the process of vacancy filling goes smoothly and resulted in successful employment. 

First of all, an applicant is to submit his/her dated and signed application in English or German with photo at the right top corner. In addition, an applicant is to submit verified copies of the following documents in pdf-format: education certificate, letters of recommendation from previous employers, as well as filled questionnaire and motivation letter in English or German (drafts you can receive from ERC’s specialists). 

On receiving the aforesaid documents ERC consultants will examine them, sometimes a necessity appears of farther refinement of the documents.  On the next stage an applicant is interviewed in the Kiev office of ERC (or via Skype): first - by Ukrainian consultants and then, together with German partners of the company. The next stage is the interviewing of the applicant via Skype by the employer, and, if successful – next stage of interview will be held by employer in Germany (employer usually pays travel costs).

After successful completion of all interviewing stages the applicant receives the official job offer with indication of the salary and detailed description of working conditions. The German lawyer of ERC may provide a detailed advice to the applicant at the stage of signing of employment agreement. After the employment agreement is signed, the final stage begins – the preparation and drawing up of the documents to receive the employment visa (Blue Card). 

After that Ukrainian specialist moves to Germany together with his family, sets up housekeeping and begins to work at the German enterprise.  Recognizing that Ukrainian immigrants may need initial support on moving and finding place to live, ERC is ready to provide assistance in any typical situation: house-hunting and, as well as initial social adaptation.