Job search


Selection of the new German employer

There are two methods that ERC uses to choose a German employer for the applicant: focusing either on employer’s demand or applicant’s initiative. 

ERC possesses permanently updated database of vacancies at many German companies. However, many employers’ requests are specific, hence, in the first case, ERC focuses on the search of company’s possible employee selecting him/her from the own database of applicants. In selecting the “perfect” candidate ERC consultants are guided by employer’s requirements to applicants, employer’s position requirements, peculiarities of the working environment, etc. 

The second method of job search involves finding all the variants in the vacancies database, which are suitable for the applicant. ERC will select several proposals of German companies that are best fitting to particular applicant. After agreeing all possible variants of employment with the applicant, ERC will arrange the interview with potential German employer. Besides that, ERC cooperates with head-hunter network in Germany, and its “capacities” will also be used to find the best job proposals.    

All services to find the suitable vacancy, consultancy assistance at any stage of the interview, and the further support are free-of-charge for the applicant.