Visa and permanent residence


Visa: Your ticket to a job

Over the last years the process of getting the “labour visa” which allows staying in Germany for over than 3 months became significantly easier for Ukrainian qualified specialists.  First and foremost, Germany is interested in it: acknowledging that German enterprises’ need foreign experienced professionals, the German government has simplified the procedure of getting visa for such applicants. 


The specialists having signed labour contract with any German company (which meets the minimum requirements), get the right to ask for so called «Blue Card», a document that combines both the employment visa and the permit for work in Germany, in fact, it is a new type of residence permit similar to the American Green Card. 


If at least one member of the family receives Blue Card, all other family members also have the right to move to Germany together with the owner of such a document. The German government is interested in specialist’s integration into the German society and in their further living in the country, by this reason the government offers the most comfortable conditions for moving applicant’s family to Germany.

Moreover, those specialists who move to Germany together with their family members, get taxation benefits. Income taxes also depend on a number of children in the family: more children, less taxes. 

To help the families of labour migrants to integrate into the German society, special consultative centres are established in Germany, and their trained employees help newly arrived specialists to make provision for the future of their children in this European country. 

Programmes intended to facilitate migrants to enter into the society, often include: 

  • consultations for parents
  • training courses which give information about system of education and studies in Germany
  • special support in children upbringing; solution of problems and conflicts
  • leisure programmes

Generally, all these programmes are free of charge. 


Permanent Residence Permit

It should be mentioned that Germany may easily become for you not only your place of work, but also your permanent place of residence. After at least two years of life in Germany on a legal basis you need only to pass a test proving your knowledge of German language and prepare a set of documents.

That is why all the specialists who once began to build their carrier in Germany, a short time later may become full residents of this highly developed country. Later you will get the right to freely change place of employment, live and travel within the territory of entire Europe, to receive all social benefits specified by German laws.

ERC is ready to provide consultative support in any questions concerning the visa procedure, as well as a receipt of Permanent Residence Permit for those applicants who get employment with the help of our company.