Christmas comes Early for Corporate Australia

Unlike the rest of the World who have to wait until the 25th December to celebrate Christmas, many Australians believe the upcoming elections will be the start of a golden era for corporate Australia.


But will Australia be ready?

If history is any example, Australian companies could plan to fail by failing to plan. This would mean losing the advantage of available and job ready people in an unexpected boom of open jobs.

Instead of leaving it to the last minute, Australia needs to approach the international market immediately. Director of InWork International Ralph Hunter, is a specialised recruiter from Brisbane with years of experience in the international employment market he confirms that Australians are in for quite a shock.

His points are:

In the period of the downturn, Australia faced little competition and could pick from a large pool of talent while other countries struggled with the worldwide recession. Today there is much more competition from around the globe as many other nations are identifying skill shortages.

International candidates have a better appreciation of their worth and are willing to shop around for the best deal. Australia frequently misses the good employees due to slow corporate decision making and the visa process.

Modern technology makes accessing the international markets a lot easier however it doesn’t help when corporate Australia can’t put the time into marketing themselves or their vacancies properly.

Ralph Hunter’s global company InWork International offers the following tips which are all about getting prepared and warns that international recruitment will not wait 6 months for the election.

  1. Identify your needs, get corporate buy in and get those vital job descriptions in place.
  2. Make sure your intended package is internationally competitive.
  3. Get your internal marketing documents together. What would you want to know if you were seeking a job in England, Canada or South Africa?
  4. Make sure you are fully up to speed on current Employer sponsored 457 visas.

Set yourselves realistic targets as you are likely to face intense competition

  • Get all the preparation done by Easter
  • Launch your recruitment campaign in April
  • Selection and contract negotiation in May/June
  • 457 visa application June-Aug
  • Arrivals September to Christmas

Merry Christmas to you all. It pays to be prepared.


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