European Recruitment: Will supply match demand for skilled workers?

The importance of well-trained staff was recently highlighted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development which found that two thirds (68%) of organisations have experienced recruitment difficulties in recent months, which was mainly attributed to a lack of necessary specialist skills or the package offered. European Recruitment consultant’s report that the UK is still seen as a major hunting ground for talent in areas such as health, education and engineering but that the talent pool is shallow.
Skilled Worker

The survey found that 76% of workers are willing to give up their free time to undertake training, and 53% are willing to contribute towards funding it, but despite this a quarter are still not receiving any training opportunities.

Employees’ motivations for wanting training were also examined, with 65% saying they wanted to boost their earning potential and 57% saying they want to fulfil their professional and personal potential.

Half said they wanted extra training so they would find it easier to get a new position if made redundant. This percentage will rise as employment cuts are felt throughout Europe as governments follow austerity policies in an effort to correct years of financial excess. Currency weakness in Europe will attract clients looking for talent but whilst European Recruitment consultants report more diverse applications with notable increases from Greece, Spain and Italy they are rarely from the most talented with transferable skills.



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