Training Migrant Workers

Workplace training can be an integral part of our working lives, it helps with confidence and understanding, it also reduces risk.

Training Migrant Workers

Whilst there are many benefits to employing migrant workers one of the downsides is related to training. Managers need to identify the requirement, following this, internal courses need to be scheduled or external courses booked. Provision also needs to be made for the various levels of language, be that spoken, written or understood.

Outside of trade related training, common areas include:

  • Health & Safety
  • First Aid
  • Fire

Whilst migrant workers may have undergone training in their native countries a company needs to be sure their new workers are aware of legislation and standards within their new working environment. Through the provision of structured training workplace risk can be reduced.

Through training migrant workers can start to feel part of a team. This is important for raising morale and reducing hiring churn. Content workers are more likely to commit long term to a company, compared with those who are unsettled and unhappy.

As a leading recruitment agency throughout Europe, ERA have a lot of experience in the needs of new employees. This is of particular benefit to clients who have minimal experience in dealing with migrant workers.

If you would like more information on training migrant workers, please contact ERA. You will find their recruitment consultants have a lot of experience in this area. To make contact simple email or utilise a website contact form.


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