Employer Sponsored Visas

If your company is struggling to source workers from the local and national markets, you may be forced into looking further afield. Companies going down this road often need help and assistance with Employer Sponsored Visas.

Visa Sponsored Workers

We view Sponsored Visas like the fitting of a slow-moving conveyor belt. When everything is up and running workers can start their journey.

Due to the Visa system being slow moving, recruitment needs to be planned and logically implemented; this sourcing method is not suitable for employers’ requiring manpower in a hurry.

As a leading European and international recruitment agency we specialise in providing visa support, as and when required.

The more a search is broadened, taking into account other countries, the maths start to work in the employer’s favour. There is simply more chance of finding candidates with the perfect credentials. Owners and senior managers are aware of this, they understand if they fill their company with quality operators, growth and prosperity will be easier to achieve.

ERA supply European companies with international manpower and the reverse, supplying international companies with European manpower. Regardless of the direction of flow our trawls focus on candidate suitability, not a person’s nationality or location.

If you are struggling to source manpower, need help and assistance on Employers Sponsored Visas or both, you have come to the right place, simply email enquiries@euro-recruitment.com or utilise one of our website contact forms. You can then relax in the knowledge you are in safe hands.


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