The Importance of Job Descriptions

Recruiters the world over can be heard complaining about job descriptions. They either don’t receive them or what they get is sketchy at best. On the flip side employers and HR can be heard moaning about recruitment agencies, they are pestering us so much we may as well do the job ourselves.

Writing a job description

So, what is the truth about job descriptions and what is ERA’s stance on the subject?

  • Without a suitable job description, it is almost impossible to recruit, fact
  • Putting a job description together is not an easy task, fact

It would also be fair to add; a comprehensive job description will go a long way in sourcing the most suitable candidate(s).

ERA understand and sympathise with employing companies, regardless of their sector or physical location. Internal working systems have been developed to offer as much assistance, as necessary, in putting together suitable job descriptions.

In recruitment getting off on the right foot is so important, placing people is the easy part, however sourcing quality operators that will make a positive difference to a company, well that’s a different subject all together.

Unlike so many other recruitment agencies, ERA work with the employing companies, the results are very positive.

If you are banging your head against a brick wall because of manpower issues, don’t despair, just contact ERA. The stress you are feeling will disappear. For more information simply email or utilise a website contact form.

Remember all enquiries are dealt with in the strictest of confidence.


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