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The Hospitality and Tourism sectors in the Middle East are starting to recruit heavily. This is off the back of the global pandemic easing and regional sustainability programmes taking effect.

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ERA actively place European workers into Hospitality and Tourism positions throughout the Middle East, in the past 6 months we have seen a major uplift in this area.

Our advice to employers is straightforward, logical whilst proving to be beneficial, this is:

  • Plan recruitment, be proactive not reactive
  • Be forward thinking
  • Test the market by utilising quality agencies
  • Focusing on suitability will reduce the overall cost of hiring
  • Invest in young workers
  • Quality internal training packages have huge benefits
  • Large churn rates (staff turnover) indicate recruitment problems/issues

Our dedicated team of experts have the necessary experience to complete tasks in the most challenging areas, even where large numbers are required.

In the Hospitality and Tourism sectors the employment offer (salary and package) needs to be reasonable and fair.

As an agency that operates internationally, we understand the importance of language in the recruitment process. This is why we internally score interviewed candidates and log the results in the Client Zone. At ERA nothing is left to chance.

If you would like more information on the services we offer in the Hospitality and Tourism sectors please email or fill out one of our online forms. A member of staff will be on-hand to deal with your enquiry.


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