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ERA specialise in the supply of temporary workers into Europe.

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Employers are constantly searching for suitable, temporary manpower, common reasons include:

  • Seasonal uplift in business
  • The winning of a new tender
  • Manpower shortages
  • High turnover rate
  • Maintenance programmes
  • Sporting/recreational activity
  • Sickness cover
  • Large orders to fill

Whatever the reason the demand for temporary workers is always high.

The benefits of hiring temporary labour are:

  • Cost effective
  • Flexibility
  • Fresh impetus
  • Increase in morale
  • Increase in profitability

ERA have set terms before embarking on a temporary manpower project, these are:

  • Minimum hire period of 26 weeks
  • Minimum number of workers needed, 6
  • Attractive salary and package, not below national minimum wage
  • Accommodation support
  • Workers paid weekly

Employing companies generally require large numbers of pre-screened temporary workers, to that end enough time needs to be given for compliance checks to be carried out. There are many availability and suitability checks during the due diligence process, these include:

  • Language testing
  • Qualification verification
  • Identity checks
  • Background checks
  • Referencing checks

ERA’s primary focus is the provision of the most suitable workers for any given task, by carrying out thorough due diligence processes the management of risk and compliance is delivered.

If your company require temporary workers and you are struggling to find suitable manpower, please contact us today. You can email enquiries@euro-recruitment.com or utilise our contact form.


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