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Sourcing suitably qualified IT experts is a challenge regardless of the subject or geographical location. There are more employment positions in the world than people available to fill them.

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At ERA we don’t sugar-coat the truth.

Our teams are constantly searching for IT experts for our clients in the Middle East. Our success ratio is high, this is down to our vast databases of available workers and our dominant European footprint, but even we find this area challenging.

Due to the speed of growth in Technology, including subjects such as machine learning and automation, the supply and demand element around available manpower will be skewed for many years, if not decades. As a leading European manpower agency, it is down to us to attract quality operators whilst continually growing our online visibility and steering our clients effectively.

Companies in the Middle East that require IT specialists from Europe should consider speaking to one of our specialists, then make their decisions. This is not an area to dive into unprepared.

Recruitment within Information Technology is unique, here the power very much lies in the hands of the operators, and they know it. They should be looked upon as prized assets and treated accordingly, otherwise sourcing and retaining will be a major problem.

If you would like to discuss your options regarding the recruitment of IT specialists from Europe, simply contact our agency, you can do this by emailing or filling out one of our online contact forms. Please note we take privacy very seriously to that end all communications are dealt with in the strictest confidence.


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