ERA specialise in the supply of suitably skilled European labour for the construction industry in the Middle East.

Construction worker

Throughout 2020 the industry witnessed a decline; this was brought on by the global pandemic, a phenomena that didn’t just affect the Middle East. However, as the effects of the virus started to diminish the sector began to flourish.

Large-scale construction projects need to be diligently planned. Following the winning of a tender and the securing of documentation and permits all eyes turn towards manpower. This is where ERA play a huge role, our sector and geographical expertise make us the perfect choice for large-scale projects.

At ERA suitability is at the heart of everything we do, we often turn away fully qualified people simply due to the suitability angle. Our corporate aim is clear. To effectively support the construction industry in the Middle East the manpower we source must be of exceptional standards. This in our eyes this is compulsory.

A subject we stress to all businesses contacting our agency. To attract the cream of the crop from Europe’s construction industry the offer must be suitably aligned. When this box is ticked our placement specialists get to work.

If you require construction specialists from Europe, you need to contact our agency at the earliest opportunity. You can do this by emailing or filling out one of our contact forms. Please note all enquiries, regardless of size, are dealt with in the strictest confidence.


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