Hiring Seasonal Workers

ERA specialise in the supply of, pre-screened, seasonal workers, for European and International companies.

Seasonal Workers

When people hire our seasonal workers, they receive unparalleled support. In the unlikely event of an individual being deemed unsuitable, or an unforeseen circumstances arising, employers are covered by our Free 30-Day Replacement Policy.

We have set Terms and Conditions relating to hiring seasonal workers, these are:

  • 1000 hours work guaranteed
  • Minimum number of workers hired, 10
  • Favourable pay rates
  • Accommodation support
  • Paid weekly

Due to the age and inexperience levels of seasonal workers the employing company is expected to carry out suitable in-house training (where needed) as well as having comprehensive insurance in place.

Employers often believe, wrongly, seasonal workers are simply a cheap source of labour. Our stance on this is clear, if suitable packages are not offered, we will not engage. Our aim is to be fair to the employer and job seekers alike.

There’s a lot of pressure on seasonal workers as they are often inexperienced and expected to hit the ground running, this needs to be factored in.

Recruiting large teams is a challenge, this is why we follow strict guidelines and protocols. This reduces the risk of presenting unsuitable candidates.

Throughout Europe and internationally we are constantly placing seasonal workers, the large number of returning clients we have is testament to the services offered.

If you would like more information on our seasonal workers, please email enquiries@euro-recruitment.com at the earliest opportunity.


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