Renewable Energy

Throughout the Middle East the move from fossil fuel dependency to renewable energy is gathering speed. As an example, in the first half of 2021 no new contracts were awarded for oil and gas power stations, whereas $2.8b was awarded in the renewable energy sector.

The transition from oil and gas prioritisation over to renewable energy will take time but it is happening. At ERA we are already taking steps to provide the necessary support.

Over the coming years European specialists in renewable energy will be employed across the Middle East. Our task is to continually build our databases and start preparing our workers.

The key to sustainability within the renewable energy sector will be in the training and development of the next generation of workers. The young people who are currently at the bottom of the ladder. These are the people who will transform energy dependency throughout the region.

The Middle East is not the only area that is moving over to renewable energy, this is a global effort. To that end employers need to be aware and pitch accordingly when putting together package details.

If you operate in the renewable energy sector and would like to discuss your manpower concerns or issues simply email or fill out one of our online forms. A member of staff will be on-hand to deal with your enquiry. Please note all communications are dealt with in the strictest confidence.


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