Cultural Differences Within the Workplace

Recruiting from within the European Union or further afield can eliminate manpower shortages, however it can result in the development of a multicultural workplace. These challenges can be difficult for line managers, especially those with limited experience.

Multicultural Workforce

Cultural or workplace diversity can be defined by the values, practices, traditions and beliefs of others. In modern workplaces cultural differences need to be embraced. In most companies the onus falls on senior management, people that set the standards for others to follow.

Diversity and cultural workshops generally highlight the fact that whilst we are all different, there are common bonds. Initially these are not considered or even thought about.

As a leading European recruitment agency, ERA embrace multiculturalism, we also assist clients who are moving into this area for the first time or simply have issues, problems or questions.

Communication can be the biggest hurdle for a multicultural workplace, however if worked on together, from top to bottom, problems can be ameliorated.

If workers are managed fairly, cultural difference tend to play a minor role within the workplace. Saying that the workers themselves need to buy in. The bonus for companies who truly invest in people, is they tend to positively stand out from the crowd. This generally results in people wanting to become employees. This in turn reduces staff turnover and manpower sourcing issues, a win, win situation.

It would be fair to say we can all learn from each other, regardless of one’s position within a company. At the end of the day, people are just people.

If you would like more information on workplace culture and diversity, speak to the experts at ERA. You can reach them by emailing or filling out a website contact form.


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