Is Your Business Suffering from Skill Shortages?

Working environments can be stressful places if skill shortages have resulted in a reduction of manpower. Invariably the ‘slack’ has to be taken up by someone, more often than not, it falls on current employees, not an ideal situation.

Skill Shortages

ERA assist companies that are struggling through the provision of various recruitment-based offerings, these are:

  • Localised – In country European recruitment
  • EU – Recruitment within the boundaries of the EU
  • International – EU to worldwide, worldwide to EU

What this basically means is, search parameters can be continually expanded until suitably qualified manpower is found. As a leading European recruitment agency ERA have the capability to provide manpower even in areas where skill shortages exist. Added to that we have a database of over 1 million available workers.

If a workplace is left to exist with minimal manpower, the problems generally get worse, employees often give up and start looking for employment elsewhere. So, before a business gets to that position proactive steps need to be taken.

In many ways the balance of power has shifted in areas where skill shortages exist. In the past it was firmly with the employer, now it sits with the employees. Due to the fact few businesses can survive without suitable manpower it is advisable to offer attractive salaries and packages. This will in turn reduce the manpower churn and produce less employment-based headaches.

If your business is suffering from manpower issues brought on by skill shortages, please contact ERA today. You can do this by emailing or utilising a website contact form. All enquiries are dealt with professionally and in the strictest confidence.


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